November 19, 2016


Hey, we’re excited that you want to Get Involved with Veteran Ventures.  There are several ways to can engage with our community.  Contact Us for more detail.

  • Time & Talent: Volunteer to help out with communications, events, VetThink brainstorming sessions, and more.
  • Influence: Use your influence to help spread the word about the vibe at Veteran Ventures.  Reach out to your friends on Facebook, your contacts on LinkedIn, followers on Twitter, connections in your Meetup groups, etc.  Tell them to check out Veteran Ventures and come to our meetings.  Word of mouth and social media are the most powerful way to spread the word about the good stuff happening in the Veteran Ventures Community!
  • Be an Advocate or Sponsor: If you or your company would like be an advocate of our cause or sponsor an event, just contact us to chat about the opportunity.
  • Enroll in an upcoming VetForum course and get started building a new entrepreneurial enterprise or growing profits in an existing venture. Participate in our events and help spread the word!
  • LET’S TALK about the best way for you to benefit from engaging with the Veteran Ventures Community today!