December 18, 2016


VetForum Entrepreneurial Development Program

VetForum is an intensive business launch and growth program conducted over 12 weeks.  In 12 sessions of 2.5 hrs each, in a total of 30 hours we will take veterans and/or guest civilians on a journey of crystallizing the vision, proving the concept of a new product or service launch, either as a new business or as an add on to an existing enterprise.

Introduce and train new entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business owners to not only understand and apply the basics for business success, but the key elements to sustainability.

Course Overview:
(Course programs and/or order are subject to change based upon needs of enrolled participants)

Weeks 1-4

Entrepreneurial assessment, characteristics and traits of successful entrepreneurs, including introspection, (being honest with self), understanding of natural talents and abilities vs developed skills, interests’ vs abilities, risk -taking tendencies, confidence, tenacity, developing clarity, priorities, time management, develop pitch deck and present to group, capital planning, business plan outline, draft of goals, getting started.


  • Freedom and its Price: What it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Vision and Mission: Being true to self and society
  • How to Get from Where you are to Where you want to be
  • Success by the Numbers: What is success to you and how to achieve it.
  • Deadliest Mistakes Entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them
  • How to Make sure the Horse stays in Front of the Cart
  • The Power of Well-defined Goals: How to set and achieve them.

Weeks 5-8

Clarity of ideation, power of mastermind, research and testing, leverage and delegation, staying on task, maintaining attitude, funding strategies assessment, sales training, walking the talk and talking the walk, follow up, vision and mission, integrity qualities and planning, pitch deck refinement, present, business plan refinement, capital campaign strategies, refinement of goals.


  • Find more Clients and Close more Sales
  • How to Get others to do things for you; the power of “others” focus and delegation
  • It’s Smarter to Barter. How to use the leverage of modern trade to build your client base, reduce costs and maximize profits.
  • Decision Analysis; defining what’s important and how to generate laser focus
  • Communication Dynamics; the key to all things important in business and life
  • Dynamic Laws of Prosperity; time-tested principles of truth and abundance
  • The Power or Trap of Social Media

Weeks 9-12

Networking, where, how and to whom to pitch, goals and defined relationships, understanding human behavior, WIIFM, communication skills, refined sales training, formation of mastermind, thinktank and focus groups for refined R&D, legal and accounting matters, risk management, marketing and financial management strategies.   Mental and physical considerations for success.  Funding strategies and connections.  Launch planning. Refine live, working business plan and goals.  Measurement and metrics. Short and long term growth and exit strategies. Go-to-market.


  • Power Networking
  • Power with People
  • How to grow your business exponentially
  • Wielding your Influence to build your Affluence
  • Guerilla Marketing; how to get more bang for less buck
  • Roadmap to Success- a live, working business plan
  • The “Game of Work”
  • Giving back and being greater than self

ENROLLMENT FEES are as follows:

Military Veterans                      $600.00 (Individual)
$300.00 for each additional company participant up to 3 additional participants per 12 wk course
Terms of payment: 50% upon course initiation and balance at mid-point (6wks).

Civilian participants:                $1,200 (Individual)
$600.00 for each additional company participant up to 3 additional participants per 12 wk course.
Terms of payment: 50% upon course initiation and balance at mid-point (6wks).

Referrals:  All participants will receive a 25% discount of their course enrollment fees for any referred participant (veteran or civilian) that enrolls and pays for course participation.  The referral must be documented and accepted by Veteran Ventures in writing.  All referrals are on a first-referred basis.  Whomever refers someone first and receives it in writing will be considered the referring party.

Guarantee of Success:  Veteran Ventures will Guarantee Success, in writing, in the VetForum Entrepreneurial Development Program: If, upon completion of all 12 weeks of the course program, any individual or corporate participant does not agree that they have received information and training that saved them an amount or helped them achieve sales in an amount greater than their cost of the program, they may continue through the next course program at no cost to them, whatsoever, until they, at their sole discretion, agree they have achieved a 100% savings or increase in sales equivalent to their enrollment costs.

Terms of Engagement:  All participants must not miss more than 2 scheduled courses to be considered for the Guarantee of Success and to receive a course completion certificate.

Evaluation: Each participant will have the opportunity to present to the group in a “focus group” format at least 1 times during the course of the training.  Based upon their full participation, demonstrated interest in engaging with and supporting veteran-owned businesses and completion of assignments for goals, pitch deck, business plan and reported contacts of prospects as well as attendance at other assigned networking events, they will receive a VetForum Entrepreneurial Development Program Course Completion Certificate.

To inquire about upcoming VetForum courses and enrollment details, please contact us.

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